Diet Master
version 1.1


This is a first tab in the application. You can use it to calculate total calories of your meal. To do it you need to add dishes you want to eat to the list and total will be automatically calculated.
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This is a second tab in the application. You can use it to create and schedule your diets. Just add a meal such as "Breakfast" or "Dinner" (or create your own) and add to it a dish you want to eat.
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This is a third tab in the application. As long as you use the application (for instance scheduling your diet, marking meals and dishes as eaten, updating your profile) graphics on this tab will be updated allowing you to track your calories consumption, weight and BMI changes. It shows your current health parameters (for example your BMI) and highlights its recommended ranges according to your build (it's a wide horizontal green line on the graph if you are in the green line that's great, if not than you should change something in your life :)
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Contact us!

R2 team is always interesting in an effective and functional development. Please contact us if you have good ideas or proposals. We will be glad to consider and research every offer.

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We recommend you to contact your dietitian for the exact formulas to control your health parameters. Be careful because application uses generic formulas. The R2 team is not responsible for the results of the program using.

Also we restrict to modify DietMaster or it commercial using (as whole program so part of it)

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